Reference Number 041331
Position Production Office Manager (Lingerie)
Salary 80 - 105K
Job Requirements
Extensive experience within lingerie / swimwear sourcing and production ( Asia experience, not only China)
Experience from a senior business management role in a buying office, preferrably office manager. With high ambition and ability to deliver results for the company.
Local or preferrably European origin. Fluency in English and great communication skills are a must no matter nationality.
Someone who is visionary, strong in strategy, very business oriented, experienced in driving goal to result, energetic, good to drive personal development and someone who can work both on a high level with strategy but also support the local teams on a more detailed level.
Managing approx. 18 ppl in HK, personal development and growth. Used to work cross functional and in a matrix on a global level.
The company´s global lingerie and swimwear sourcing strategy and a supply chain across multiple production markets.
Business for the company´s lingerie products, approx. 1/3 of the company. To drive innovation and the lingerie assortment to the next level.
Be the spokesperson and strategist towards of HQ lingerie senior management and together execute goals vs vision.
Office budgeting, HR etc.
see below job description.
travel required to Europe and production markets after pandemic ends.
Reporting to: Director of Production
Assignment & Expectations
The Production Office Manager ( POM) is responsible for the country’s operation regarding business, supply chain and the local operations in productionoffice.
• Secure a profitable and sustainable sourcing foot-print
• Secure a best in class buying and negotiation strategy
• Secure Sustainable and efficient supply chain
• Cost efficient supplier management
• Manage the Production Office in an ethical, compliant way according to Company values
• Develop and support efficient and high performing teams
• Be a speaking partner and provide HQ with relevant info from the region
• Participate in creating business strategies and deliver accrding to plan
• Deliver the set goals and KPI
• Make sure routines and compliance are followed
• Strategicly work for a global business success
• Be part of the global strategic work together with the POM group
Characteristics and Qualifications:
• Higher studies in textiles/ business
• Min 10 years within the trade, preferably in an international environment
• Production knowledge
• Action and solution driven with high integrity
• Strategic thinking
• Language skills: English in speech and writing.
• Good communication skills.
• Good Leadership Skills
Performance measures:
• Delivieries on POM goals, KPIs, Sustainablity goals
• Efficiency
• Fob price
• General satisfaction in local office and HQ
• Efficient & dynamic team and suppliers
• Ability to live and act according to company’ values.
Contacts Edmond So - 26275200