Reference Number 040044
Position Head of System development
Salary Negotiable
Job Requirements
Holder of bachelor degree, major in computer-related disciplines;
10 years working experience or above, in which contain 5 years' experience of project system analysis and architecture design experience, with rich product development experience;
Proficient in .NET Core programming, high ability of writing module code independently;
Proficient in design patterns and component technology, able to understand various popular open source frameworks in depth;
Familiar with common design patterns,with large-scale distributed, cluster, high concurrency, high load, high availability system design experiences;
Able to complete the project development from requirement research to system release and other aspects of the work independently; have evidence of successful needs analysis, system architecture analysis, system design and development and other major links of the case;
Proficient in domain modeling; familiar with mainstream technology architecture, DDD, micro-services, agile development and other concepts;
Experience in design, development, and tuning of large-scale distributed, highly concurrent, highly loaded and highly available system;
Strong in logical thinking and communication skills, strong self-learning ability, analytical ability, and problem-solving ability.
Responsible for the overall architecture design of the core system, participate in the detailed design of important or high-risk modules, and control the quality of design;
Understand business, identify requirements, develop solutions to requirements, and assist project managers to complete project cycle assessment;
Achieve the coding work of the core modules and framework of the system, ensure the expansibility, reliability, reliability and high performance of the system;
Participant in team coding and quality specification formulation, and review team technical training, guidance and architecture compatibility;
According to business planning, corresponding technical planning is formulated to promote system evolution;
Audit and evaluate the relevant programs and designs to ensure that they meet the architecture planning and business needs;
Frequent travel is required;
Ad-hoc assignments upon request.
Contacts Edmond So - 26275200