Reference Number 036412
Position Business Manager (Garment : station in Myanmar)
Salary 30 - 50K
Job Requirements
The Business Manager’s main task is to increase the business in a sustainable and profitable way and drive sustainability agenda in Myanmar. The Business Manager will also lead the MY team.
Permanent representation in Myanmar in order to control production, understanding of market both in terms of business but also CSR and workers relations.
Previous manager position and experience of production are musts.
Well experienced in sourcing, merchandising and supplier management
Good understanding of production and supply chain
General knowledge but hight interest in Sustainability
Strong business drive and goal oriented
Pragmatic problem solver
Good communication skills to be able to drive and promote the company product in Myanmar
Fluent in English in speech and writing
Fluent in Mandarin
Performance measures:
Delivieries on time and with expected quality
Deliveries on Sustainability Goals and increase Sustainability Scorecard
Increase business according to Placing Startegy
Level up of suppliers (Increase Business scorecard)
General satisfaction in PO office
Efficient & dynamic team and suppliers
Main tasks:
Secure the capacity in order to meet Placing Strategy for Myanmar for Tier 1 and Tier 2 ( washing, printing, embroidery)
Source new suppliers/ factories. Find new business opportunities
Support and grow existing factories
Improve the factories performance in terms: quality, capability and sustainability
Make sure routines and compliance are followed
Support the factory management but also solve hands-on issues
Being present and follow-up production and garment deliveries
Make sure that factories have a clear understanding of sustainability requirements and have and committed to work on sustainability goals
Understanding of the sustainable landscape and be up-to-date on local sustainability issues
Scan and get a good understanding of the market both from a business and sustainable perspective
Be a speaking partner and make montly report with market-, supplier-, shipment- update and general Myanmar society update to PO’s .
Working closely with Hong Kong and Shanghai merchandising, QA and Sustainability team.
Manage the Production Office in an ethical, compliant way according to company values
Develop and support efficient and high performing teams
Deliver the set goals and KPI
Assignment: 2 years
Placement: stationed in Yangon, Myanmar (緬甸)
Reporting to: Shanghai POM
Contacts Edmond So - 26275200