Reference Number 032932
Position Professional Support Lawyer (PSL)
Salary Negotiable
Job Requirements
Having a sound understanding of all A&O Hong Kong and London banking and restructuring documentation and all industry standard documentation e.g. LMA and APLMA documentation and keeping up to date with all updates and amendments to those documents.
Drafting and keeping up to date the Hong Kong banking and restructuring precedents (with both legal developments and (where applicable) to conform to changes to the London banking and restructuring precedents) including: credit agreements; security documents; restructuring agreements, legal opinions and other required documents; and know-how notes on key legal issues.
Developing precedents for specific product areas to address current trends in the market.
Assisting on all other A&O documentation reviews and initiatives - including automation of banking and restructuring precedents, and assisting the London office in their review of banking and restructuring precedents where Hong Kong law input is required.
Attendance at all relevant APLMA committee meetings (including but not limited to the following committees which A&O sits on; documentation, leveraged finance, market practice and agency).
Reviewing and commenting on APLMA documents.
Assisting with all Hong Kong banking and restructuring know-how queries from A&O offices in the network.
Reviewing all firm-wide know-how emails and circulating useful know-how to the group.
Keep up to date with case law and other important legal developments or events affecting the banking and restructuring practice and producing a regular internal bulletin to share this information, together with developing internal practice notes and/or giving internal presentations on these issues where appropriate.
Assisting in preparing response to consultation papers, regional questionnaires and other firm publication and initiatives.
Assisting with maintaining the lending and security factsheets prepared for clients in relation to Hong Kong law issues.
Assisting the London restructuring team on the Asian section of restructuring across borders, including assisting with the drafting and review of factsheets for all Asian jurisdictions.
Collecting and organising all know-how documents; bibles (CD and hard copy); uploading useful know-how into the A&O Global know-how system.
Amending and updating Hong Kong Banking and Restructuring Intranet Sites.
Organising the monthly practice team know-how and information sharing luncheon.
Assisting with the co-ordination of product specific regional meetings and call, including providing support in the development of know-how and initiatives where appropriate.
Discussions with Associates and Partners to put together internal training seminars including: suggesting presentation topics, putting together course content, preparation of presentation slides and where appropriate, delivering the training.
Preparation of presentation slides for external seminars and putting together necessary materials and where appropriate, delivering the training.
Liaising with the training department and the business development team in order to co-ordinate internal and external seminars including logistics, materials and course accreditation.
Organising Trainee Induction training and Summer Students induction training, together with organising the programme, production of materials and to the extent applicable, assisting with delivering the sessions.
Updating and a maintaining a banking survival guide including practice and key know-how notes and examples of documents frequently used in the banking practice.
Assisting in Asia-wide training initiatives and dealing with any other new know-how and training projects.
Assisting to preparing E-Bulletins and other client publications.
Assisting with client marketing initiatives, to the extent relevant.
Assisting with non-time critical advisory billable work as required, including documentation template exercises for clients
Contacts Personnel Consultant - (852) 2736 8202